Saturday, November 13, 2010

Beautiful new home models Balcony

Living with family and lived in the city center must be very happy because there are all readily available and can enjoy the beautiful scenery. Whether you rent or own and live in cities or suburbs, the balcony is a great addition to any building. They provide the perfect transition between indoors and wilderness, and add incredible architectural elements to a space.
The word balcony Italy and comes from the word meaning Balcone scaffolding. Technically it is only a platform protected by a ledge or rail. This cool on the balcony is that they have been used as a soap box or the stage, to hold a ceremony or public announcement. And now modern balcony is much more informal, dynamic and spacious. A place for pontification, relaxation, sun bathing, fresh air, a different perspective of what lies ahead, and maybe even a love connection. Let's face it, if there is no balcony there will be no Romeo and Juliet ... or at least their stories will not be so fantastic!
Here are some really cool balcony which express a different style and function. Some of which you can easily slip into relaxation mode for the whole afternoon or scare you by striking their views of the landscape. Either way you'll be surprised, so enjoy ...

Design by George Krallis 
Designed by 4bedesign 
Designed by Timothy Back

Designed by Timothy Suess   

3D Render by Morphe, a designer from Poland

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