Sunday, November 21, 2010

Interior Views of Small Square Apartments 40 Meters

Inspiration is so beautiful and lovely to gear your Apartment, this apartment is a perfect example of the style of how you well you can and decorate a small living room. This comfortable, bright and cheerful. Not a lot of walls in it because it is the only way to make a small room more spacious. Everything is painted with white color because it is another way to enlarge the space visually. Some of the accents of gray and lime create more livable and attractive interior. These apartments are not showing a lot of furniture. Although all the furniture that can be found there is very functional and light. The kitchen features storage drawers, all the necessary equipment and bar area that separates the three lights suspended space. The bedroom is separated from the kitchen by a large screen covered with vinyl plant motifs. Which allows penetration of light without losing privacy. The bedroom is equipped with a large closet, double bed and some shelves. The bathroom is also a place that is very wise that is equipped with a shower of glass, glass shelves and a washing machine on a very small footprint.

 Reference: casadiez

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