Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Minimalist Interior Design With Modern Style by Adrian Schulz

Interior design inspiration from Adrian Schulz with beautiful colors white. The living room is very spacious interior and comfortable for your family there is a sofa, fit mothers, in addition to and ahead of us if you see fit with the view Tv LCD. This staircase in a circular design to rise above the second floor so that gives uniqueness for our ride to the second floor via the stairs this. floor design used kramik shaped wood and stairs to climb equal to the second floor also made of wood. Design space in the bathroom color design white that looks clean, visible bathroom design is very elegant and spacious. view home interior is so elegant and minimalist, and many give pentilasi air to enter your home. Views restaurant interior design is also similar to display design and neat white color, here is a picture of the design from Adrian Schulz


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